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city tour istanbul, Tulips of IstanbulDuring our city tour Istanbul we will follow the footsteps of Constantine the Great, Justinian the First, Theodora. Who else? Deffinitely, Suleyman the Magnificent or Murad IV. Or we can simply talk about the riot of Nike. Whatever footsteps our tour follows, there is a promise for a knowledgeable and fun day.

Constantine the Great, after whom Constantinople was named. Or Suleyman the Magnificent, the 'Kanuni'. He ruled for 46 years and doubled the territory of the Ottoman Empire.

North of Taksim Square is the place known as New Istanbul. This is the place people started to inhabit in the last years of the Ottoman Empire and early Turkish Republic. This district in Istanbul has neighborhoods like Elmadag, Nisantasi, Kurtulus and Sisli, which are worth visiting for good food or drink.

So you are welcome to have fun in the city tour Istanbul.

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