What is the climate in Istanbul?

Istanbul Day Tour

Istanbul is an amazing city, settled on two continents, millions of people live in this spread out city. It is huge in area and has many topographic diversities. That is a prerequisite for different microclimates to be experienced in the city. Istanbul has a borderline Mediterranean climate, humid subtropical climate and oceanic climate, due to its location in a transitional climatic zone. Still it cannot be classified as solely Mediterranean or humid subtropical climate. In shortly it is suitable all the time for Istanbul day tour.

Istanbul Day Tour – Bosphorus coastline

The northern half of Istanbul, as well as the Bosphorus coastline, are dominated by the humid tropical climates while the populated areas of the city to the South – by the Mediterranean climate, warmer, drier and less affected by humidity.

Istanbul is characterized with high humidity and that makes fog quite common although in the northern parts mainly than in the city centre.

Summers are warm. During summer months the average temperature is around 30 °C. The highest recorded temperature was 45 °C. Rainfall is uncommon.

Mediterranean Basin

Winter is colder in Istanbul than in most other cities around the Mediterranean Basin. Average temperature is around 10 °C. Nights are much colder. Snow in Istanbul is occasional, around 10-12 days in a total winter season. Average temperature is around 15-25 degrees. Spring and autumn are mild, but often wet and unpredictable. Especially between April-May and September-October the climate is really good for visits to Istanbul.

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