Customized Private Istanbul Tour

Private Istanbul Tour, Ensar Islamoglu
Private Istanbul Tour, Ensar Islamoglu

IstanbulDay is made for the individual tourists wholike to have private Istanbul tours and see Istanbul with Ensar Islamoglu’s eyes, the best private istanbul tour guide. All you need to explore Istanbul is a pair of good walking shoes, public transportation or taxi and Ensar, twenty one-years-of-experience tour guide in Turkey.

To get your tailor made private Istanbul tour, you can check the web site. There you will find lots of information, pictures and hints about Istanbul customized guided tour. All you do is send an email to Ensar Islamoglu. Don’t be surprised, though because after you check the site you will see a day tour in Istanbul won’t be enough for you. Although a day or two is not enough for the interesting Istanbul; with Ensar Islamoglu you will definitely enjoy the most attractive sites of Istanbul.

Private Istanbul Tour

For example, if you are a shopaholic, you can visit not only the really touristic parts like the Grand Bazaar and the Spice Market, but also the Mahmut Pasa where locals go for shopping. You will even learn how to bargain with the Turks.

The legend of the foundation of Istanbul is derived from classical mythology: Zeus fell in love with Io, the daughter of Inachus, King of the City of Argos and God of the River of Argos. The King of the Gods temporarily transformed the girl into a heifer in order to protect her from the wrath of his wife, Hera, Queen of the Gods. In her wanderings Io crossed the Bosphorus, giving the strait its name (”boos-foros”,”cow-ford”). While you are on a Bosphorus boat tour Istanbul, to see Io swimming from the Asian side to the European is not possible. But in a lucky day you may see the dolphins swimming along with your boat.

Private Istanbul tour – Pera Palace Hotel & Agatha Christie

Private Istanbul Tour

Don’t you think it would be nice to go to Pera Palace hotel by the second oldest metro in the world and have a tea there with the great view of old Istanbul?

What we know about Agatha Christie is that she came here and most probably she completed ‘Orient Express’ there, too. Rumors also say she used to have a Turkish lover.

I am specialist on Istanbul tours. Please contact us with the size of your group for a free quote with no-obligation.

Important Note: I am a professional tour guide and give guiding services. In order to secure the rights of my customers and to obey the local regulations, tour logistics are always provided by an official and reliable local tour operator in Turkey.

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