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Private Istanbul tour around Istanbul

We made IstanbulDay for the individual tourists who like to have private Istanbul tour. The private tours, especially designed for you, give the chance to tourists to see Istanbul with Ensar Islamoglu’s eyes. It won’t be exaggerated to say that he is the best private Istanbul tour guide. In short, all you need to explore Istanbul is a pair of good walking shoes; definitely, public transportation or taxi; and of course, Ensar, twenty one-year-of-experience Turkey tour guide.

To get your tailor made private Istanbul tour, you can check the web site. There you will find lots of information, pictures and hints about customized Istanbul tours. Still, the easiest thing is send an email to Ensar Islamoglu. He will give you detailed information about the places you would like to visit. He will answer your questions with pleasure.

Istanbul tours not for a day

No surprises, though. After you check the site, you will see that a day tour in Istanbul won’t be enough for you at all. Although a day or two is not enough for the interesting Istanbul, with Ensar Islamoglu you will surely enjoy the most attractive sites of this cosmopolitan place.

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For example, if you are a shopaholic, you can visit the really touristic parts like the Grand Bazaar and the Spice Market. The Grand Bazaar is the ideal place for shopping lovers and positive-emotion seekers. The Grand Bazaar is the perfect jewel of Istanbul. Once you are there, make sure you are full of patience and desire to make good deals. For the Bazaar is a place where bargaining is a general sport. The Spice Bazaar – a world of spices and smells is where you can enjoy both a colourful location in Istanbul and a nice place for shopping. Misir Carsisi, the Spice Bazaar, is the second largest covered market after the Grand Bazaar.

You can also visit the Mahmut Pasa where locals go for shopping. It is probably the most reasonable place for shopping in Istanbul. You can see suits, dresses, wedding dresses, coats and even one of the most interesting things – costumes of the boys for circumcision. You will even learn how to bargain with the Turks.

Istanbul and mythology

Private Istanbul tour – When you think of Istanbul, don’t you feel as if all of a sudden you are taken to another world?Don’t you feel as if your brain starts making jokes with you? You are here but already in a fairy tale. Forget about all worries and surprise. That’s the effect Istanbul has on all of us. May be that’s why all the legends related to the city are of great interest to everybody.

Here is such a legend. The legend for the foundation of Istanbul. It comes from classical mythology. Zeus fell in love with Io. Io was the daughter of Inachus, King of the City of Argos and God of the River of Argos. The King of the Gods temporarily transformed the girl into a heifer in order to protect her from the wrath of his wife, Hera, Queen of the Gods. In her wanderings Io crossed the Bosphorus, giving the strait its name (”boos-foros”,”cow-ford”). While you are on a Bosphorus boat tour Istanbul, to see Io swimming from the Asian side to the European is not possible. But in a lucky day you may see the dolphins swimming along with your boat.

Private Istanbul tour – Pera Palace Hotel & Agatha Christie

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Don’t you think it would be nice to go to Pera Palace Hotel by the second oldest metro in the world and have a tea there with the great view of old Istanbul? I surely think that’s a fantastic idea and one I would like to recommended for private Istanbul tour. “…This is the place (Istanbul) where history goes back to 2000 years. It depends on the things one would like to see. Istanbul is like an ocean. One can explore Islamic history, ancient history all the while enjoying the nature’s beauty,” feels Ensar. (Hi Magazine)

Pera Palace Hotel is a historic special category hotel and museum hotel. It is also known to hold the title “the oldest European hotel of Turkey” They built the hotel in Turkey in 1892 to host the passengers arriving with Orient Express. An interesting fact is that it was the first building in Turkey to be powered by electricity. At that time only the Ottoman palaces had electricity. Also, the hotel was the only address where there was hot running water for the guests.

Ataturk and Agatha Christie as part of Pera Hotel history

The world famous murder-mystery writer, Agatha Christie is believed to have stayed in the hotel and most probably she completed ‘Murder on Orient Express’ there, too. Rumours also say she used to have a Turkish lover. What is more, Ataturk himself stayed in the hotel as well. Room 101 was his. Nowadays, the Ataturk Room 101 remains as a ‘Museum Room’, with many personal items and reading material of the Turkish nationalist leader, exhibited to the public.

Well, I think I highlighted some of the main places of attraction that deserve your attention during private Istanbul tour. However, these are only a drop in the ocean Istanbul.

I am specialist on Istanbul tours. Please contact us with the size of your group for a free quote with no-obligation.

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